What is Your Legacy?

What do you imagine your legacy to be? When you leave your earthly body and your family and friends remain behind, what are the stories that will be told of your offerings to this world, your relationship with others, or your gifts and offerings? Have you given thought to what you consciously leave behind? Imagine having a poignant conversation with a loved one to offer your insight, a humorous take on a situation, or to share a story from your past with a particular message. What would you choose to say?

Recently on a family road trip, one member shared quotes of famous people’s last words and it got me to thinking. So many people departed with heartfelt shares or intriguing words of encouragement to those they were leaving. Some quipped in what appeared to be unusually blasé and normal conversations. Others showed appreciation of small and simple acts we have grown to take for granted.

Obviously, for the most part, we cannot pre-plan our last words. But we shall also be remembered for our actions, our visions, our dreams, our moods, and our relationship to others and this world we live in.

What do you hope for others to remember or say after you leave this body and move on? If it holds significance to you, then paying closer attention to what we represent, how we come across, what we share with others and what we give service to may be important as well.

I have often noticed people being on their best behavior when in the company of a stranger or when meeting someone for the first time. I think this is human nature, wanting to make a good first impression and all. But should we want our lasting impression to be equally as good? I have often discussed how I make efforts every day to have my actions and my words are in alignment with my beliefs. I have shared before in this blog, how I long for my service to others and to Spirit to be honorable and worthy. Big aspirations that on some days is easier to hold true to than others. We all struggle. But I have to believe it is worth it on so many levels.

And perhaps someday, my family and friends will be sitting around a table, eating my famous vegetarian chili recipe, laughing at some of my antics, sharing some of my life lessons, and discussion some of my perspectives as I move on to the next great adventure for my soul. Maybe.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade