Bountiful Blessings

How blessed we are to be living in a time in history when our most ancient ways of understanding the world and the universe are intertwined and joined with the most advanced ways of viewing reality. This supports the creation of a new paradigm for honoring the earth and for supporting one another as we grow into our human spiritual being-ness. A true Shaman continuously expresses their spirituality, but not in a pompous or arrogant way. They live it, not only when they are teaching or healing or in ceremony, but in the everyday. The keep their profound gifts of spirit congruent with the aspects of living in today’s world.

There is also a beautiful and gracious reverence for all interactions with the spirits as well as with the interactions of the people and beings that cross the Shaman’s path. Honoring plants and stones, honoring spirits of all realms, honoring the neighbor and the stranger…the Shaman walks a path of respect and integrity while appreciating the interconnection of all.

Shamans have an understanding that everything in this world is of spirit and inspirited. There is no separation. Thus, there is a deep sense of being responsible to express gratitude to all for the relationships that offer lessons, gifts of understanding and relationship.

Putting action and intention together in the same moment brings an importance to spiritual practice that I am embracing and focusing my intention to put into an ongoing practice. It is so easy in our culture today to put what we believe as important in our lives, including our spiritual practices, into intellectual and theoretical folders in our minds. But putting these into action in our real lives, walking the talk, is where our personal power grows, our interconnectedness blossoms and transcendence occurs.

Keeping our thoughts, words and actions in alignment means living in gratitude, living in the moment, living with truth and faith. It means eliminating the thoughts of separation. In this place I am called to step up and treat all beings as treasured and cherished loved ones. Living this way supports the earth’s renewal. Living this way is the way of the Shaman and I aspire to become more gracious at my attempts.

Living this way is about deliberately loving what we practice, loving the world, and being part of the whole. It will transform lives. It is my hope that through the choice and intention that I bring to this way of life I will bring more balance to my days, step more fully into my power and create interactions that will be glorious examples of spiritual relationships.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade