Put On Your Personal Power

Angeles Arrien, one of my favorite authors and an incredibly insightful person, offers us this advice when it comes to being a powerful being. The author claims we need to develop three kinds of power. The first is the power of presence, the second is the power of communication, and the third is the power of position. If we want to use our power wisely and be heard, witnessed and honored, we need to learn how to put on our personal power. It is no different from knowing how to use any kind of other tool. We would not just go out and pick up a chain saw and begin using it without first being sure we were doing it properly. The same holds true to our personal power. If not used properly we run the risk of being misunderstood, ineffective and even possibly causing more harm than good. I doubt that is what we intend when we step into our power.

The power of presence is sometimes the hardest to step into. It means being really present in each moment. Not bringing the past into our power, which would hold a story that does not serve us in the moment. It can be laden with expectations, hurt, anger or a previous experience that we have grown to rely on. We also cannot project into the future in the power of presence. Putting on the worries of what ifs and carrying assumptions, fears or control will not allow us to have our fullest power of presence. Instead, we must simple bring our personal power to the moment and really only focus on what is occurring in that moment, what is being said and how to address it. Someone who is wearing the power of presence properly is often hard to ignore. They have a charismatic personality that you are drawn to. And they use this presence to empower others through example and intention.

The power of communication follows next and it makes good sense. If we are being fully present in the moment, then we can speak our truth. Not an old story. Not a grudge. Not an assumption. Just our truth, right in the moment and only our truth, not what someone else thinks or says about the situation. Someone who is strong in this power speaks the truth without judgment or blame. They are authentic and have integrity in their communications.

Finally, the power of position steps forward. It means taking a stand. This is a bit easier to do if we are staying fully present and only speaking our truth. It means we do remain open and unattached to outcomes, though. It means we do not back away from our truth. We hold our intention like a torch for all to see. We bring to the situation our commitment. We focus on what we are saying, what we believe and what we are willing to invest ourselves in. And we do this with objectivity and wisdom so that the best outcome is arrived at.

These powers allow us to be fully present and pay attention to what has heart and meaning. We can give voice to what our vision is and we are still able to stay open and unattached to outcomes, living a life of no expectations. We live fully in the richness of the moment. Once we begin to experience this personal power, we begin to feel comfortable within our selves, we hold great compassion for those in our lives and we are able to communicate with integrity and truth.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade