Conscious Communication

Let me ask you a question. How are your communication skills? Seriously. Do you find yourself struggling to make a point, interrupt people often, drift off when others are speaking or change the topic to go in the direction of what you wish to talk about? It is not uncommon to be in communication with others and have our attention focused on what our needs are in the conversation. Communication ALWAYS improves when we become aware of the other person’s needs. If we can learn to really listen, then the relationship of the conversation improves. If we learn to listen with compassion and with an attempt to understand, we then let go of the way we filter the messages to meet our own needs.

Attempting to listen with our fullest attention allows us to not only listen to the spoken words of the message, but also the feelings being conveyed. We are embracing the full message, not just our interpretation.

Good communication also means being wise about our word choice. We cannot just speak unedited all the time. Being responsible for the message that comes from our mouth is important. That does not mean you cannot speak your truth. But if the intent of communicating is to relate to one another, why not choose words that can be received by your listener.

To speak this way means paying attention to our intention in the moment, being compassionate to those we are conversing with and being open to all possibilities…releasing our expectations of how the conversation should unfold. Conscious communication, perhaps! It is about developing congruence with others in conversation.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade