Did I Mention Intention?

How often during the day do you reflect on what you are doing and why? For most, not too often. But if we want to live a more intention filled life this is the best way to discover what fuels your intentions. Imagine going through your day asking yourself what your motivation is for what you are doing. Is it to be of service, is it because it is expected of you, is it because you are hoping to get something out of it, or is it because it because you are being selfish? Any of these reasons and more are possible.

If you spend some time questioning yourself about why you do what you do you may actually discover something about yourself and your actions. Perhaps you may discover that many of your actions and activities lack a purpose. I know we all have a life that requires real activities that are really boring. For me it is laundry! Just can't get too excited about it no matter how hard I try. BUT that said…if I approach doing the laundry with the intention in my heart that I am taking care of my family's needs, or if I take the time to appreciate the beautiful clothing we are fortunate to own, or if I recall the family fun we had while wearing some of the clothing…my energy and intention shifts.

I was once told that I could make going out to get the mail a sacred act. It was said playfully and with kindness. But it also was a statement of truth. I have tried to not be on auto pilot all day long. I try to bring some consciousness to my daily activities as I know that my intention and motives that I carry around with me throughout the day are fundamental to the results I will receive.

Walking out the front too and strolling to the end of the driveway to get the mail…I could do it blindly and wrapped up in busy thoughts, or I could take the opportunity to take some deep cleansing breaths, listen to the birds, and gaze up into the sky and let the sun hit my face. You get the picture.

Obviously, I am not saying that you need to question every single action you make each day. But what if you checked in every once in a while. I was once told by a mentor of mine to set high intentions for myself and my life will bloom like a beautiful flower. Now that is a lovely day unfolding for sure!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade