Being Part of the Whole

How many times have you faced your day an felt as though you were so alone? We go through the phase of thinking that our experience, thoughts and feelings are separated from the rest of the world. No one truly is, as we are all a part of the whole. We create this delusion and imprison ourselves there. We put ourselves in a box that keeps us limited to our personal story in that moment. We limit ourselves to the few people, feelings and life situations around us to support this story as well. If we are able to break out of the cycle of doing this we find we can widen our circle and ripple out. We find that we hold a compassion in our hearts for all living creatures, of all of nature within this universe. It can offer us immense freedom and be a beautiful place for our consciousness to grow.

It often boils down to expanding our perspective on things. If we stay attached to our story we spend our days rationalizing it and justifying why we are feeling the way we do, saying what we are saying and doing what we are doing. If we can step outside of the story and view the many possibilities that unfold before us, if we picture that our view limits itself to only one version of many, then perhaps we can begin to work within the graceful place the universe offers us to be. We are offered an opportunity to embrace the concept of unity and wholeness. We see the various parts that make up the bigger picture or at the least have the potential to.

Living and experiencing consciousness is all about relationships - all relationships. It is a moment to see how darkness can exist within the light. It is a moment to accept that there can be negativity in a positive moment. We can sit with the existence of how the lower relates to the higher. In a state of consciousness we can be with the reality that contradictions exist but do not limit us or define us. We can be strong powerful people and yet have our vulnerabilities. We can be compassionate loving beings and still have a moment of anger.

I once read a quote from Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune that stated, ""Higher consciousness, enlightenment, comes from meaningful experiences and lessons passed with the understanding that there truly is only one law - the Law of Love. When one leads a life expressing this belief, the mind and heart begin to open to new realities, and other dimensional truths become known."

If we embrace this concept, if we live within the limits of the Law of Love, then we become grace filled, compassionate, open-hearted beings that accept all possibilities and have no expectations to fill. We learn that our story is almost meaningless. All that truly matters is the moment, the eyes we are looking in right now, the breath we are taking, the act we are making. If we choose to focus our energies in the NOW and be ultimately conscious of only that … we end the need to prove, to judge, to make conditions. We then can take that energy and make the most of this very moment, to be fully present, to not live in the past or stress for the future.

We empower ourselves to be authentic and truth filled. We look at those in our lives with an open mind and heart and we begin to relate to them on a much higher level. Our inner spirit shines.

What a wonderful place in life to aspire to! Blessings ~ Lisa

© COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade