Where Is The Balance?

We pass through many stages in our soul growth. The gates open for us and we pass through. Sometimes while we are in this process of learning something new, we are developing a blossoming skill, or we may be quieting down in the use of an one we overuse and we feel a bit of overwhelm and struggle with our balance.

As we step into unknown territory and begin new practices or release one's that no longer serve us there is a tremendous shift in our energies. Sometimes we gracefully move through this shift, but many, many times we find ourselves asking, "Where is the balance?"

Imagine learning the skill of using your words wisely to get what you need in life and not taking on more than you do need. We may find ourselves saying yes to too much. Or we may be saying no too often without giving it enough thought and looking at things from the many different perspectives. Hmmm, we need to find the balance.

Perhaps we gain a new tool to use in our spiritual practice. Our excitement and delight in this tool has us turning to it again and again with each decision or prayer we put forth. Our other tools sit waiting patiently for our return, even those that would so much better serve the purpose at the moment for us. Once again, we find we need to restore our balance and learn to select the just right tool for the intention.

As we learn to master our new skills, our tools, our newest practice we find that a tremendous aspect of the mastering is in finding the balance. Our soul will help us in this lesson. We just need to remember to tap into our inner wisdom and listen. We need to pause, slow down, consider, weigh and wait. With time it will be come clear what is needed. Our soul will help us to hone and craft the best use for our needs. We do not want to overcompensate or under use. We need to find our sweet spot in the process. That just right balance of energies, time and use. When we discover that finding the balance is also big part of the lesson we then find ourselves accepting that this is as well a wonderful aspect of our growth.

Blessings, Lisa

Exactly Where You Need To Be

They say timing is everything. When it is time for a person to fulfill their life's purpose, a life task or to be a part of someone's life during a particular challenge or event it happens in its own time, without our forcing it or delaying it. Our personal timetable has little to nothing to do with it. We live in a time that thrives on day planners, calendars and agendas. We look to our clocks to determine when to eat, sleep, work or play. We have stopped listening to our internal messages and have lost touch with our own inner knowing of when the time is right for any of these.

This does not always serve us well. Our best of made plans will fail us, or we will find ourselves challenged by a life event we do not think we are well prepared for. But if we can find a place within us to look inward to, to stop relying on outside influences to tell us that it is time, we may recognize that all happens in its right time. We discover we are exactly where we need to be in the moment for a many reasons, and some may include the ones we hoped for.

Our plans do not always align with those of the Universe. Our sense of control can often get in our way. Our definition of success may not be deep enough. Our sense of direction may be in conflict with where we need to go next. Essentially, we need to step out of our own way, be open to our authentic truth and allow our path to unfold before us so that we can move forward with ease and grace. Now, of course, this does not mean life will be without its struggles. But, if we can adopt these practices into our sense of being, we will then be receptive to the lessons and the gifts of awareness found within those struggles.

It is not always easy to live this way. Our inner critic wants to judge our success, it wants to compare our progress to those of others, it wants to find fault in our struggles and be recognized for our achievements.

Finding the joy in our accomplishments and celebrating our lifetime milestones is a beautiful part of living a full and vibrant life. Trusting that we will move along in our days doing what needs to be done, learning what needs to be embraced, noticing the beauty, opening to the experiences...we find that all is timely and good and right. Yes, one less thing to worry about is a great thing for many who find themselves faced with the challenge of schedule and due dates.

Blessings, Lisa


Healing with Sound

We are energetic beings. There is no denying this. Our vibrations can be felt by others. We can tune into other's energies as well. When our vibrations are not in alignment with our authentic being we can feel off. This can represent itself as feeling foggy brained, lethargic, irritated, anxious, depressed or even forgetful. There are many different ways to bring one's energies back into alignment.

One of my favorite and quite effective methods is through the use of sound. Sound can alter our emotions, our physical body and our spiritual energies. Shamans have used sound as a tool for centuries. Whether it be drumming, chanting, toning, chimes, singing bowls, or the sounds found in nature, such as waves, rain, wind, or birds singing, sound can be very healing.

When our vibrations are not in alignment not only will we feel out of sorts, but with time disease can manifest. Time has proven that certain tones open specific chakras within the body's energy realms allowing for flow to move more smoothly. Some healers will use specific sound creating tools around the body to create energy, to remove blockages and to initiate flow. These tools can be bells, rattles, drums, even the clapping of hands.

Experimenting with various sounds will help you discover what resonates with you. This can be important at some point in your life when you will need to turn to sound for healing or for alignment of your energies. You may already have an idea of what works for you as you may have experienced a shift in your energies when you have listened to something in the past.

Recently, I discovered Soul Song. I use toning and chanting along with a variety of different sound tools, such as rattles, drums and singing bowls, in my work with others. It helps bring connection where there is an interruption of the flow of their energies. It helps bring calm and peace where there is stress. It encourages harmony in the distress. To learn more about this offering, visit: http://www.womenwithinsight.com/soulsong/.

While there can be tremendous healing to be found in silence, sometimes sound is the right fit. Connecting with our vibrations and bringing our energies back into alignment can be a powerful skill to have. Knowing what sounds resonate with your body and your energies is important information to have in your self care.

Blessings, Lisa

A Wealth of Wellness

Are you someone who spends a good deal of time taking care of the needs of others? Do you put yourself at the end of the list? A beautiful gift to bring to your self is a day of wellness and healing. We all carry within us a seed for healing. When you nurture this and tend to it, giving it focus and the time and attention, you will find that it awakens healing energies and wellness within you.

Setting aside a day of wellness and healing for your body, mind and soul brings tremendous benefits to your life. Finding ways to address your vital needs brings your energies into alignment and awakens newness and vibrancy. Actually, just the awareness that you are putting aside time for YOU creates a spark of wellness.

I encourage clients to set aside time, whether it be once a week, once a month...everyone's needs are different. But when you book this special day with yourself you will find that you begin to make plans and set intentions. Think about what the day will include. Will you spend it in a special or favorite location? Will you share it with someone whose company you enjoy? Will it include certain activities?

Think of what your body needs? Rest? Recharge? Movement? Nurturing? Release? Once you know this you can move forward with your intentional day of wellness. Think of music that could support your needs? Perhaps certain crystals, flowers, aromas, or foods? A long walk, a massage, a day of play in the water...what makes you smile just thinking it over? Go with that!

The more you map out this day of wellness, the more the needs of your body, mind and soul will be revealed. The more you create intention to meet these needs, and the more doors will open to healing energies and revitalization of your overall well being.

Bringing your wellness into harmony is important to the way you honor your body, mind and soul. Recognizing that you have the right to be put first on the list and that it is worthy of the time and effort. This sends important messages to you and to others around you.  Cultivating wellness should not feel like a luxury, but instead a necessity as you awaken your awareness to your energetic needs, your body's balance and your thoughts' focus.

Blessings, Lisa