Exactly Where You Need To Be

They say timing is everything. When it is time for a person to fulfill their life's purpose, a life task or to be a part of someone's life during a particular challenge or event it happens in its own time, without our forcing it or delaying it. Our personal timetable has little to nothing to do with it. We live in a time that thrives on day planners, calendars and agendas. We look to our clocks to determine when to eat, sleep, work or play. We have stopped listening to our internal messages and have lost touch with our own inner knowing of when the time is right for any of these.

This does not always serve us well. Our best of made plans will fail us, or we will find ourselves challenged by a life event we do not think we are well prepared for. But if we can find a place within us to look inward to, to stop relying on outside influences to tell us that it is time, we may recognize that all happens in its right time. We discover we are exactly where we need to be in the moment for a many reasons, and some may include the ones we hoped for.

Our plans do not always align with those of the Universe. Our sense of control can often get in our way. Our definition of success may not be deep enough. Our sense of direction may be in conflict with where we need to go next. Essentially, we need to step out of our own way, be open to our authentic truth and allow our path to unfold before us so that we can move forward with ease and grace. Now, of course, this does not mean life will be without its struggles. But, if we can adopt these practices into our sense of being, we will then be receptive to the lessons and the gifts of awareness found within those struggles.

It is not always easy to live this way. Our inner critic wants to judge our success, it wants to compare our progress to those of others, it wants to find fault in our struggles and be recognized for our achievements.

Finding the joy in our accomplishments and celebrating our lifetime milestones is a beautiful part of living a full and vibrant life. Trusting that we will move along in our days doing what needs to be done, learning what needs to be embraced, noticing the beauty, opening to the experiences...we find that all is timely and good and right. Yes, one less thing to worry about is a great thing for many who find themselves faced with the challenge of schedule and due dates.

Blessings, Lisa