Your Relationship with You


In life our most important relationship is with our Self. We spend a good amount of time trying to build our relationships with others, whether it be life partners, children, parents, peers, or even co-workers. But, how much time do we intentionally devote to our relationship with our Self? When was the last time you purposefully sought this time out?

You tell others that you love them. You tell others that they matter. You tell others that you understand their pain, their suffering, or their fears. You tell others that you appreciate them. You tell others that you want to get to know them better, to discover what makes them tick. You tell others to take care of themselves, to go gently, to rest up or to take a deep breath. You tell others to celebrate...that they deserve it. When was the last time you told your Self any of this?

When you begin to pay attention to your Self, you send a message to your soul that you matter. You send this message to others as well. You begin to pay attention to your needs and let go of expecting others to know what is best for you. You let go of the disappointment you feel when they are not aware that you are in need (as if they are mind readers). When you pay attention to your Self you begin to have compassion for your vulnerabilities and have awareness of your strengths. This opens doors for you to be present and fully conscious on your day to day process, instead of blindly moving through time, day after day, week after week, until you find you have lost sight of your vision and your passions.

Investing in your relationship with Self actually is the wisest action you can take. If you are ever at a loss in your life as to what you "should" do next, pause and ask your Self what it needs. Start there! Then the shift begins to happen.

For me when I feel stuck or unsure, if I take some time for Self care, sit with my Self and ask questions, listen closely to the answers without judging or rationalizing, my energy begins to flow again. Whatever was blocked has moved. Whatever was in need gets addressed. Whatever longed to be held gains the attention necessary and whatever asked to be released is gently let go. It never fails me!

As 2014 unfolds I plan to commit to my relationship with my Self. I am going to set up a date with my Self weekly, to tenderly love me, celebrate me, honor me, listen to me, encourage me, and support me. I know I am good at doing this with others; family, friends, clients, and peers. I look forward to my alone time together!

Blessings, Lisa