Awaken Your Awareness

We all have our unique way of awakening our awareness. For some it is a sudden moment or event in time that everything seems to change. We see things from a new perspective, we feel things differently and we find ourselves reacting in new fresh ways. For others their awakening of their awareness is more subtle; a slow and gradual shifting, a graceful blending of beliefs and focus.

There is no ONE way to find one's personal spiritual practice and path. As children we are exposed to the beliefs of those around us, we may participate in traditions and cultural ceremonies and we find our own unique ways in which it all resonates. We carry these observations and ideas into our adulthood and with time put them to practice and to test.

Life brings our way trials, struggles, leaps of faith, celebrations, losses, and more. Each of these present the opportunities to practice our awareness. Some people shut down or go into auto pilot, or some take a long and trusted approach. Other may see each opportunity as a new window to look through. They may ask themselves how can I do this differently this time. Often this type of perspective evolves from the awakening of our soul, the clambering of our passion or the inspiration of our dreams. We want more, we are need a shift, or we are answering a call to go deeper.

Our inner guidance can lead us to where we turn next. It will challenge us if we are open to its messages. It may point out that if we are not happy with the status quo ... that we need to do things differently. It may remind us of the excuses we tend to hide behind when we feel anxious or overwhelmed. But if we remain awake and open to our truth, we begin, step by simple step, to move into the direction that is right for us in this moment.

The more and more that we do this, then the more we become attuned to what is right for us. What has worked for someone else may not look anything like what will work for us. We can become our own inspiration. Our consciousness will create opportunities for us to see things differently, respond in a new way, change course or embrace what we have turned away in the past. As we awaken our awareness, life begins to look a bit different. It begins to reveal all the gifts and truths it has been holding for us. We let go of our worries about what others will think or say and rest in the beauty of what is waiting for us in our day and in this moment.

Blessings, Lisa

The Opportunity of Risk

Life will bring to us opportunities to practice risk taking. Healthy, pondered and explored, experience backed risk taking can lead to two different obvious outcomes; failure or success. But there is one other outcome that we sometimes forget about. Taking a risk may end in results we had not considered and may lead us to even greater and more expansive possibilities.

Taking risks also gives us the opportunity to practice utilizing our personal power and wisdom. Bringing these energies to the moment is often what helps us move from a place of stuck to one of action. Risk taking will push us out of our comfort zone and into unknown territory. It will introduce us to new emotions, behaviors and tasks. All of which we will then need to take time adjusting to.

Taking risks brings the opportunity to be more alive within our life. We find that the endorphins that we experience propel us forward. We become more observant, we bring our awareness to the new perspective and we listen more closely to the messages being sent our way. Sometimes when taking a risk presents itself, we cannot see clearly into the next moment, we have to trust our previous experiences. The cloud that surrounds our uncertainty is unnerving, but to not take the risk feels even more unsettling.

Risk taking is often necessary. How we approach this opportunity will help direct the energies we bring, the insights we share, the receptivity we have and the courage we can summon. It takes a daring moment to step into risk. But to avoid all risk only means we are not living life fully. We are compromising. We are not expanding and growing, learning or evolving. Change will always hold a certain degree of risk. But without change we stay small and do not invite our soul to the day. We have different levels to our consciousness and within these levels are the gems to bring to our journey. We uncover new gifts of our passion. We find deeper truths. We explore and release more of what is not serving us.

I would rather make mistakes in my life than remain the same. I am wiling to fail to gain the insight and lessons that await me. I have to trust that in pushing myself, I will learn more about who I am and what I can do. Dancing with the opportunity of risk empowers me and keeps me awake!

Blessings, Lisa