The Power of Dream Time


I use my dream time to help me solve problems, explore concepts, entertain ideas and get guidance from the wisdom that resides in the realms outside of my every day. Often during that time just before falling deeper into sleep, or just upon waking, but still lingering between the sheets of the dream world, I will begin my dream time journey. My mind is not awake enough to offer criticism, rationale or opinion. Perfect! I want this time to be able to reach far, explore deep, discover the unknown and uncover the possibilities.

As I recline in comfort and relaxation, I let my questions bubble up and my ideas flow. I open the door to the messages, metaphors and images that play like a vibrant movie on my dream time screen. Over time I have learned the patterns of my dreams. I have discovered the meaning of colors. I have recognized the significance of situations, items, and places that I may visit. I have heard the messages that come through from my guides. Not all of these "clues" come through with defined clarity. Sometimes I have to sit with them. Sometimes I have to follow the breadcrumbs through the days following to see their significance and understand their meaning

Dream time is now a part of my life tool kit. It fuels my creativity which I have grown to appreciate as a tremendous and potent source of energy, magic and beauty in my life. Dream time allows me a fresh perspective that does not always present itself in my logical moments. It has expanded my work that I bring to the world, it has added new dimensions to my relationships, it has empowered my self-beliefs and it has brightened my passions.

In a world that often likes to present itself with choices that are black or white, I cherish the brilliant colors that my dream time brings to my world. A shaman knows that energies hold great gifts and seeks them out to bridge the worlds, to build opportunities of healing and insight and to explore the beauty of the soul. I honor this energetic usefulness and how it serves me. I value the wisdom that trickles in and the expansive thinking it encourages in me. I listen closely, use my insight, trust my truth and sit with my soul's messages. Recognizing the value of dream time has brought dimension to my days from the energetic realms beyond.

Blessings, Lisa