Meaning To Our Life


There are many people, events and things that bring meaning to our life. Our family and friends, major life events such as a birth or an accomplishment, or our jobs or hobbies; all these and more can contribute to the richness, the fullness and the wondrous beauty of our life.

We also can add to the meaning of our life. We have choices, we can take action, and we can dream. If we feel our life is lacking meaning or we are disappointed with the way things are it is then the perfect time to become proactive! We have a right to enjoy our journey. So how do we do this?

I start by recognizing my skills, gifts, passions and offerings that I bring to the world. Often within these I begin to see a purpose and a beauty unfold. It is part of the mystery of my life. It brings vibrancy and flow to my energies. It is there that I find my power to change.

Our life story is not beyond our control. We contribute to it every day. We can alter it as often as we would like. We can shake it up, turn it about, remove from it, add to it and even create pause in it. When we realize this, we become the power within our life-role. We take the lead role of our story and live it fully. We can become the heroine, the mystery maker, the director, and even the shifter. It is our story to create in.

The next time life feels lacking in meaning or needs a major shake up, turn inward and see what role you are ready to take on. Explore your passions, your creative juices, and your amazing talents. Find what is ready to be birthed. See what wants to step forward. Play with the possibilities. Explore your options. Take hold of story line and run with it, dance with it and allow it to flow with your energies of passion and hope!

Blessings, Lisa