The Beginner's Mind


Do you remember the curiosity you had as a child? Do you recall the hours lost in playtime, the pretend friends, the stuffed animals that spoke to you and the fantasy land you would visit after reading a favorite storybook? As children we all had what Zen refers to as the beginner's mind. This part of our mind has not been lost, but for some, it does need to be welcomed back.

Over time our mind begins to fill up with logic, with theory, with facts. All important in the evolution of the mind, but not more important than radiance and vibrancy of the fantasy and pretend world. Both should be equally valued. But, in our society, knowledge seems to be favored as the more valued wisdom.

Wisdom can be found in the creative. We just need to be seek it! We need to value its unique flavor, it colorful perspective and its vital energy. Without this form of wisdom in our life we are only partially full with our gifts and only part of the way into our energetic resources.

The beginner's mind of a child means that we are open to the wonders of the world. We see life with awe and fascination. We truly believe anything and everything is possible. We embrace adventure, spending each day discovering and experiencing new things!

If we can remember to keep this wisdom alive in our lives and foster it, life is very different. Possibilities and opportunities surround us. The Universe showers upon us gifts and lessons that thrill our soul and bring brilliance to our life. Miracles are around every corner. We begin to see life so differently when we bring this form of our wisdom into our daily life.

Education is an important part of our society. It serves us well and allows us to be trained and in service to others. It creates solutions and asks important questions. It is highly valued. But look beyond this academic wisdom. Don't let it stile your beginner's mind from seeking the joy and appreciation of life. Don't forget to dream and be curious. Bring your radiant wisdom into your day and watch what happens. It is the juice of passion and the quickening energy of growth. If you want your life to expand to the far reaches of your imagination, show up with your beginner's mind, nurture and cultivate it and you will not be disappointed.

Blessings, Lisa