The Sneakiness of Self-Deception


It is a very sneaky creature. Self-deception used to have its way with me. But once I caught on to its ploys, it methods and its slyness I learned to confront it and chase it out of my path. I stopped cheating myself, stopped fooling myself and stopped playing the game of self-deception.

Self-deception can hide you away. It can keep you from shining your inner light. It creates excuses for you to not take risks, to not change, to not dig deep. It also keeps you from living in your integrity as well. Oh, so sneaky it is! It wears a mask! It covers its ugliness behind big excuses and justifications.  It gives you all the reasons, the rationalizations and the validations to not BE, DO, TRY, or EXPLORE!

Self-deception, if fed and nurtured, coddled and sought, will train you to become a master at rationalization. It will stroke you for all your justifying and curl up in your lap for every challenge you excuse away instead of taking on or at the least facing. The face of self-deception smiles at your arguments that you know, deep down inside, are just excuses.

With time you begin to realize that the longer the story is around your excuse, the more layers and details you have used to support it. This means then the further self-deception is taking you from your truth. Cheating yourself from your authenticity, from being your truest self is a non-fulfilling act.  Living a life where you do NOT hide away from being, even if it is less than perfect, a little scary or at a slower pace, leads you to a life of empowerment and beauty. You are filled with a presence that escalates your expansion and growth.

What is self-deception keeping you from in your life? What wonders are you making rationalizations for so that you are not stretching to reach for them? What excuses are you feeding that are holding you back and keeping you small? What one justification can you let go of today so you can shine just a bit brighter and live a bit truer?

Blessings, Lisa