The Thoughts That Bind Us


Thoughts are powerful. We hold and move energies with our thoughts. We can shift perspectives, influence opinions, offer encouragement and more. Judgments are thoughts with quite powerful energies as well. Especially if our critical judgment is sensed by the person that they are about.

Imagine if we are judging someone and we are thinking to ourselves that this person is saying something dumb or foolish. If that person happens to be sensitive, they will pick up on the energies that our thoughts are creating about them and if they are perhaps worried about what they are saying, or if they are feeling a bit uncertain, well we just reinforced all of that! Even if they are not sensitive or intuitive the energies are transferred.

If we can become aware of our judgments and know that whether we speak them or keep them to ourselves, the energies have been created. Being mindful of this fact, we can train ourselves to step away from judgment. Critical judgments have the power to be perceived by whomever we are judging. It is not in alignment with our integrity. It is not of love.

There is a saying if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all. Well, if you have nothing kind to think, then refrain from the judging. Criticizing someone, more often than not, is done without knowing all the facts or the person's story. So, we then create further story around them to support our judging thoughts. This dis-empowers, tears down, and separates those from us. When we walk with our heart and soul, we find it is far more peaceful and beautiful to refrain from this behavior. And that is what it is, a behavior. Behaviors are learned and can be changed and altered, with focus and intention.

The next time a judging thought creeps in, realign your self, seek the love to be found, the beauty, the gift of grace. Not only will it serve the one being judged, but it certainly will serve you as well.

Blessings, Lisa