Make Time for the Magic


When was the last time you saw the magic in your life? When was the last time you were left speechless, awestruck and in wonder? If it has been a while ... you need to make some time for it. And like many of the gifts in life, the more time you make for it the more you will see it surrounding you.

Magic is often the way the Universe communicates with us. Sometimes there are lessons in the communication, sometimes messages, but always gifts. One of the best ways to witness the magic that surrounds you is to tap into your younger energies and to be present in the essence of Now.

Magic has a difficult time manifesting in worry or negative energy. It just is not creative enough of an energy for the whimsy, the beauty and the delight to grow in. Magic loves to grow, to surprise, to tickle and to bring joy.

Magic can surprise you by showing up when and where you least expect it. It will grab your attention or subtly sneak up on you. It will provide you with beauty whether it be in sight or sound. It will awaken within you feelings of wonder and appreciation. It will give you a golden chord to weave through your day to keep it alive.

Magic can be seen through the eyes of a child, on a slow walk in the woods, in the holiday lights of the city, in the hands of your grandmother, in the song of the birds, at the water's edge, floating in the clouds .... anywhere! You simply need to be looking for it and making the time for it to visit you.

Magic does not disappoint. It gifts, it shares, it awakens and it sparks. You may find that when magic appears in your life that you will notice a spurt of energy, an answer to a query, an inspiration, or a calming grace. Magic is meant to be this way. Magic is meant to be an important part of your life.

Blessings, Lisa