Release After Coming Full Circle

As I got a bit more familiar with my spiritual path and my life's journey, I began to see the patterns that had shutterstock_156255440created the story of my life. I also began to notice that in life, Source being incredibly patient and generous with me, would offer me opportunities for lessons. Sometimes I could only take these lessons in small doses, needing them to repeat again in my life until I received all the medicine within them. I have also noticed that when I am ready to release an old pattern, a distant fear, or change a habit that does not serve me, I come full circle one last time so that I can very intentionally and with beauty and grace make the final release. This sense of resolve sends a message throughout my entire being. I am ready for the next chapter, the next step or the opportunity that is coming my way. I have made the room, learned the experience, grown and evolved into a new me!

This place of release has a familiar essence to it, obviously because I have been here before, but something is different. My soul feels this difference and steps forward with encouragement and confidence, my heart knows this place and offers compassion and self love, and my mind recalls the ways in which this no longer serves me and is ready to embrace new perspectives and possibilities. I feel courageous, empowered and ready.

images-5It is at this place of clarity that I can look back to where I have been and forward to where I may wish to be. In this place of pause I am filled with wonder. Life is full. I am delighted in who I am becoming, proud of who I am and loving of from where I have come. I know that this will continue to be a positive pattern of my evolution in my being and I witness myself with awe, wonder and celebration and then I release what is ready to go. Coming full circle is a beautiful dance with my body, mind and soul.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade