Abundance Can Be Found Where You Wish To See It


In today's economy there are those who are struggling. Paychecks seem to be falling short on meeting living expenses. Savings are slowly disappearing. Upon first glance one may question the abundance in their life. But abundance is not only about finances or possessions. Especially when we are feeling strapped and having to restrict our spending on frivolous adventures, we need to remind ourselves that abundance is not just found on what we have in material measure. Abundance can be found in your spiritual experiences. Your connection with Source and your practices can bring a wealth of peace, riches to your heart and awaken your generosity to be shared without it costing you.

Our relationships also add to our feelings of abundance. Having a close friend or a partner to share with adds to the quality of our life. Many times when we share an experience with someone our delight is multiplied as we see through our own eyes as well as theirs. We create memories that can be danced in again and again.

Abundance can also be found in our times spent in solitude. For some the connection with Nature brings to them jeweled moments that they treasure and use to rejuvenate their soul. For others, the richness of silence affords them to seek tranquility and inner peace whose value cannot be measured. And for some, spending time alone allows the inner authentic conversations to take place, creating fuel to ignite passions and desires.


True abundance is measured not by what we have or own, but instead by what we enjoy and appreciate. Our richness is measured in the perspective that we view it. Our treasures may not sparkle or shine, but they certainly bring tremendous value to our lives.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade