A Different Face of Power

Pink flowersWhen we act out of compassion, when we act with integrity, when we bring love to our acts and when we look with eyes of kindness we bring a beautiful essence into our life and the lives of others. People are often surprised that it takes far less effort and energy to walk in peace than to walk with negativity, anger or in conflict. We become more and more power filled when we adopt this graceful way of life. We see obstacles in a different life; challenges become lesson filled gifts, disagreements become opportunities to learn, and unsettledness blossoms a chance for growth. When we meet people on our path that wish to challenge this place of grace we reside in, it gives to us a chance to step even more fully in this powerful place of love and peace. We do not allow the other’s negativity to take away from us what we have learned to honor and cherish, instead we hold them in a position of kindness neither wavering in our intention nor needing to convince them of our perspective. Instead, we bring love to the moment; see the beauty of what is unfolding as a blessing to both, and walk away with what was given to us. It may be the gift of insight, or a lesson in humility, or a chance to be seen … but regardless, we can still stay in this place of refined power.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch ... of a smile ... a kind word ... a bit of sympathy ... a sincere compliment, or the smallest gesture of love, all things that could transform someone's life. ~ Leo Buscaglia

Imagine the energy of control that is often charged up when we meet confrontation, the power that is file8451260168394blocked when we face struggles, and the pain that is often contained in words, imagine all that dropping away as it is met with the power of love, kindness, compassion and beauty. We like to believe that strength is big, bold and mighty. Sometimes it is, but it is more often subtle, gentle and tender. When a person understands this facet of power, they become mightier than they ever imagined and everything becomes possible.

Blessings ~ Lisa

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