You Are A Perfect Soul

file000660097037You are a perfect soul. You have everything you need already inside you. How delightful and beautiful is that truth. We sometimes forget this. We sometimes place our attention on what we are not and then that is all that we see, what we are not. Yet, have you noticed that those who love you, who admire you, and who are grateful for you see so much of whom you are! Two different perspectives of the same person, you! It is sometimes challenging to hold this truth present. There are times when the day’s activities create stress or strain and we feel overwhelmed or weak. There are times when the people within our life bring along their drama and we feel it weighing down the moments that surround us. There are also situations that are beyond our control that cause us extra work; burden or potential worry and we feel it darken the light of the day. But if we maintain our focus on who we are and trust the truth that everything we need to get through these moments is within us and we need nothing more than to show up and be present, then we begin to feel a bit stronger, lighter and the day feels a bit more peace filled.

Where we cho0se to focus our attentions and our energies has a lot to do with how we few our days and file0001430798412our life. Our approach changes with the perspective. Our emotions are more balanced. Our heart remains peace filled. And our soul is able to shine with its divine essence and remain fluid in its energies. We do not feel stuck or trapped. We see possibilities and opportunities and we are ready to receive them. We walk through our day with a grace and ease and take in stride any of the situations that often try to derail our best efforts with a sense of preparedness or awareness that we are being given a chance to bring in our authenticity and our truth. Often these times are when we are presented with potential growth and we become more of who we are!

Blessings ~ Lisa