The Long Winding Tale

One thing I have learned from my spiritual life coaching practice is that the longer the excuse, the file00066522944more it is hiding the truth. Sometimes our truth is so brilliant and beautiful that we have to spin a long, long tale to wrap around it so that we no longer are reminded of it. For some, they feel they are not ready for their truth; they want to hide from it, run away from it and keep others from seeing it too. Most of us would not dream of stealing from someone. Yet, some steal from themselves routinely. They steal from their potential. They rationalize why the time is not right, the benefit is not for them, the opportunity belongs to others and they begin to believe the excuses over their truth. They hide from their own inner light.

And yet, it takes only one second, one breath to experience when we act in our truth and embrace that moment, we feel the gates of our soul open wide and all the energies and inspiration shine through. One experience like this can be life changing. When we feel that moment of freedom we feel our soul come alive with the breath of our divine truth. That can never be undone. For many that is enough to begin taking steps on the path of authenticity and freedom. We let go of the lies that we used to tie us down, to hold us back and to keep us small. The pain is no longer stronger than the power we find in our truth!

file000723018608Philip James Baily once stated, “The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat one’s self.” Cheating one’s self of the beauty awaiting you, keeping yourself from the blessings that are brilliant gifts with your name on it, turning down the possibilities and opportunities that cross your path and reach out to you…all this serves no one. It is not as though someone else will then receive them, that is not how it works. What the Universe showers down for you, is meant for you, to help you grow, to encourage you, to challenge you and to bless you. It will never feel the same for anyone else. It is a soul loss and a waste when you keep yourself from being who you are meant to be and from receiving the blessings that have come your way.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade