A Coat of Scars and Wounds

file0001394095753Some people wear their wounds and scars for the world to see. The recognition of their pain seems to serve as a justification to them for remaining stuck. They wear their hurt; publicly on display, sharing the story again and again. They relive the sorrow, the wrong doings, the hurtful words, the angst and disappointment for all those who are present to witness. They don’t choose to let go, to move forward, to forgive, or release. Instead, they tend and nurture the pain, in this odd cyclical sort of way, only to be disappointed in the life that they are living. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? How it would be for them if they could see the beauty in their pain? They cannot see the possible miraculous gift being given to them to step into the pain, witness how it flows through them, where it lands, what it says, how it burns and what it needs. If they were only willing to take the risk of looking at it from this perspective, then perhaps they would be able to shed it, like a layer of skin, to reveal the luminescence beneath of fresh and soft vulnerable newness. A newness that is supple and able to be a bit more resilient and glows with a glisten of inner truth and wisdom that has been gained.

Baring themselves this way, we know is not easy, and for some, they believe it to be impossible. They cling to every excuse and reason to stay shrouded in their pain. They hold onto it like a long favored article of clothing that brings them comfort and memories. Only in this case the comfort comes from not being willing to be uncomfortable for a period of time to discover the potential of what is waiting for them. The comfort is in the familiar. The comfort is in the unwillingness to change and to take the risk to move forward into a place of unknown. And the memories, even those that are sad and lonely, bring a sense of safety that they cling to.

Can you shed the wounds like an old coat that no longer fits you? Because it really doesn’t fit any file000846384716longer. You are ready to be dressed in your vibrancy, not your old and tattered. Are you ready for the vulnerability of the newness and unfamiliar? Let go of the story, the wound and the pain. Step away from the drama and winding tales. Move into the softness of what can be, the release for the expansion of possibilities, and find just how resilient you are and watch your vibrant truth and authentic beauty radiate out. This style suits you so much better!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade