The Shift

I have ordered for years a calendar that is filled with poetry and art by women of vision and spirit.SONY DSC I keep these long after the year has passed because I cannot part with them. I reflect on the poetry and the images often, they inspire me and bring me great joy. Today, I came across this poem. Time and time again, it seems as though my spirit is directed to the just right image or poem as it fits so perfectly in alignment with what the day or the unfolding possibilities of my life are. And so I share with you today. "I am dreaming back my sisters Whisper-worn footfalls on the Temple steps Skywalkers Storm dwellers Heavy-breasted cauldron keepers Songweavers Snake sisters Darkmoon dancers

Labyrinth builders Star bridgers Fiery-eyed dragon-ryders Wind seekers Shape shifters Corn daughters

Wolf women Earth stewards Gentle-handed womb sounders Dream spinners Flame keepers Moon birthers

Come home sisters, come home"

~Marie Elena Gaspari

file0001521294021I am ever so stimulated with the work that is transforming around me, with the women that I am blessed to be working with, and with the call to service that the Universe has placed before me! I am woven into a tapestry of beauty. My essence is moving the clouds in the sky and swirling among the stars. My purpose is to continue moving forward into the new way of Being that has begun. I join with others being called. Together, we are all of the above; dream spinners, shape shifters, sky walkers, waysayers and more. And the perceptions of old will burn away with the ash and the new perspectives of beauty will shine brightly in our souls. The healing will transform what once was into what is needed now. And the world will respond to the shift.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade