file0002062790027Imagine having a safe haven to share your most inner truths. Imagine sharing without fear of judgment, shame or blame. No ridicule or criticism would be allowed. Imagine sitting there and revealing your inner wounds, your darkest fears, your biggest flaws, your more revealing scars and having a compassionate and understanding reception, an open heart of love and a warm embrace to lean into. Imagine all the self-admission you could share and the healing that would follow. Why is this so unavailable in our society? Are we not all human? Don’t we fail, screw up, hurt others, make mistakes, crash and burn, lie, or fear at some point in our life? I doubt there is anyone of us that has not, perhaps we are striving not to, or may even not want to admit it, but let’s face it…it is there.

Some of the biggest soul wounds come from a sense of abandonment, of alone-ness, and isolation. Imagine if we were to hold one another in our ugliest of places and be comfortable in doing so, knowing that it is part of the perfect balm for the spirit and soul. Imagine if we went to a place of self-acceptance and released the shame in a healthy environment of support and focus on moving forward with lessons tucked under our belt. Imagine if we were told we were exactly who we should be and are a being of love, even when we were really messing things up and felt unlovely, imagine how our perspective would change.

The only way we can begin to create this utopia of supportive understanding is to begin with ourselves file000590857181first. If we cannot be this for ourselves, it will be impossible to be this for any one else and if we try to fake it all the inauthenticity will be revealed. It must be genuine, it must be intentional, it must be unconditional and it must come from within. Begin today. There will be a moment when you can stop and begin to respond to your own inner critic, embrace your wounded self, offer compassion to your fool and hold your tender heart. Begin today with you and the change will begin for all.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade