Dreaming the Earth

file000739935116(1)I awoke this morning from a beautiful dream. I was alone on this earth, walking across the globe in a very timeless way. Seeing it with shamanic eyes. Seeing it with eyes of the creatures that inhabit it. Seeing it with eyes of the original people who first walked the lands. And seeing it as it was and still is in some places, but not damaged as it is now in so many places. As I walked the earth, my breath brought consciousness to its inhabitants. The creatures began to speak to me and tell me of their offerings and gifts to the earth. The plants shared with me the story of their medicine. The mountains spoke of their majesty. The waters shared of their cleanse and power. All shared with me what, who and why they are.

What messages my soul received were many. But what I did awaken with is the insight to the powerful interconnectedness between all the beings, all the components of this earth and how we are only guests. What we do is take away from the cosmic energy that they share. It is intended that we are the takers, but it is our gluttony and our irresponsibility that weakens this relationship.

While I have paid close attention to my intention as I start each of my days, today I am filled with a file2051256162403difference. It feels weighted. Not burdened, but weighted with a call to service, a charge of sorts. I feel that we are all to carry this charge within us. We are given this lifetime for a reason or perhaps many reasons. It is for us to discover what they are. I feel one of mine is to be of service to the interconnectedness of this earth and to remind people that we are mere guests. We do not own any of it, contrary to what man would like to believe. And as guests we should leave this place we are visiting; this earth, this beautiful venue we get to celebrate on, grow and prosper on, grieve and learn upon and share on…we should as honoring and grateful guests leave it better than when we arrived.

Blessings ~ Lisa ©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade