Our Inner Mirror

Have you ever noticed that a group of people can all witness the same scenario and each will have a differentfile000906102076 essence to what occurred, bring a different viewpoint on the hows and whys things occurred as they did and why people reacted the way they did? Have you ever wondered why you react differently or certain emotions are triggered in you that are not in another under the same situation? We all have our unique personal experience and outlook that we bring to our observances. We all have a mirror within in us that reflects an essence of our experience, our healings and our wounds. It reflects where we have come from and where we are moving to. It mirrors our inner beliefs and feelings.

What this means then is the outcome of many of our life situations are built upon these reflections. Our perception resides within this view that we bring to our day. Have you ever noticed that if you are having a fabulous day, surrounded by optimistic people, hitting every green light of the day and the sun is shining…that even if you experience a negative situation or person…you seem to have the ability to roll with it much more smoothly and with grace and ease. Our inner mirror is reflecting the positivity we have accumulated throughout the day.

So that means the viewpoint we have on life’s circumstances is often reliant upon what we choose to see and what attachment we bring to the mirror. That is why being in the moment brings us so much freedom. If we let go of the baggage that old wounds have, the negative hold that angers has upon us and the abrasiveness that ill feelings bring to our heart we may be able to shift our personal perspective on life and its unfoldings.

file000156796071Paying attention to your inner mirror and keeping it focused on the positive in life can help with our outer reflections. Not allowing our baggage to weigh us down with negativity keeps us balanced. Our soul brings to life many of the images in our mirror. Tending to our soul’s needs keeps our mirror smudge free and clear. The light it reflects back to our day becomes brighter and our focus is clearer. We can then see things the way they truly are, unattached to the emotions and stories we attach to them. We are able to be present, alive, open and free.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade