file2121259633735Oh how good it feels to be back in the groove! Between the holidays and all the festivities, visiting family and friends and a major head cold to boot…well, let’s just say I slacked on maintaining the measures I take to keep my body tuned up and revving. Granted the head cold made exercise move quite low on the list of things I could do. BUT the extra treats and odd schedules and parties and so on and so on…you get the picture. So back on track I am and my body is celebrating! The head cold, though still a sniffle here and there, is backing off. I am back to exercising an hour a day and it feels WONDERFUL. Lacing up my sneakers puts a smile on my face. Working out with my husband does my heart good knowing we are taking good care of ourselves for now and for the future. Preparing our favorite organic vegan dishes once again, my body is satisfied, full and responding with zeal!

Why is it so easy to get drawn away from such a bliss filled place for my body! It doesn’t help that nearly every month of the year has some major celebration in it, then add on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings….ahhhhhh! And the fact that many celebrate with food, and it usually is not a micro green salad with vegan Caesar dressings and tamari sunflower seeds! It is a challenge.

I am committed though. I won’t beat myself up. I won’t look at it as a set back, just a pause. I will begin file0001748142009fresh each and every moment! And that is all I need to remind myself of. We need to remember that every moment begins NEW and that is where we need to place our focus. We don’t need to wait until tomorrow or Monday or the first of next month…why should we, when we have right now!

Onward ~ Lisa

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