Success and Passion

file0001410614839It is New Year’s Eve day and many folks are preparing for the evening festivities. There will be parties, dancing, drinking, eating, laughing and sharing. There will be those who are also thinking about the traditional New Year’s resolutions that are traditionally made at this time of the year. If you read the statistics…well, let’s just say it is not great. But you can up your chances of being successful with these steps. If you PREPARE for your resolution, making sure you have the proper ingredients, equipment, knowledge and resources…you raise your odds of being successful.

If you are REALISTIC with your expectations, making sure it is achievable, understanding you will falter, and are willing to start slowly…you raise your odds of hanging in there.

If you have COMMUNITY to support you, cheer you on, share with you the experience…you are more likely to meet obtainable goals.

If you TRY and TRY again, and you are willing to stick with it, understanding that you will lose some momentum, face challenges, cheat or fail BUT are willing to start fresh and keep on going…you will see results!

More often than not there are no quick fixes, no magic bullets, no fast and furious to the finish line (whatever that is) so if you can be fair to yourself and understand that most of the changes we are looking to make have been with us for a bit of time, it will take a bit of time to make the changes. BUT that is what it takes…to do things differently you have to change how you do them.

I am launching a new website tomorrow, It is for those who are on or are interested in plant-based living. Dietary and lifestyle changes are big for the New Year. I have purposely created a website to offer people support, information, menus, recipes, and community…and I kept it as affordable as possible…


Why? Because it is a passion of mine. Making food a sacred act! Finding ways to help people honor their bodies like a temple. I care about our global food crisis, our environment, and all the living beings on the earth. To me, being a vegan is the only way I can be this effective in the areas that I care about so much! So if you are at all interested in this being a new way for you in the New Year, let me know! I have made sure to include all the necessary components mentioned above into the equation to create a successful opportunity!

Blessings ~ Lisa