Witness to Myself

I am re-reading one of my favorite books, Active Dreaming by Robert Moss and as I read this quote, I got goose bumps this time. It is amazing how you can come across something on your path, read something…but until the moment is right, it holds a different meaning. This time…it resonated strongly and I had to share with all of you. Here is the quote: "The ability to observe yourself from a witness perspective and notice where you place your attention and how you choose what you'll focus on in a day is crucial to the art of conscious living." I read this and paused and went back and read it again. Then I took out my journal. How important of an exercise! I had to put it to practice. I went back into my journal and pulled out 2 different experiences I had in the past 2-3 weeks that were particularly important to me and to my personal growth. They were places I felt stuck, that I knew I was in process with and wanted to see how this exercise would impact it.

I took each of these situations and played them through my mind, but I stood on the outside looking in, detaching myself, as much as possible to the emotions and feelings, and viewed it from that perspective. I immediately saw that my focus was so skewed because I was in one situation struggling with wanting to control the situation…ha! And in the second situation I was focusing on the emotional pain this was causing me and being resentful of the time it was taking. BIG observations.

So then I replayed each situation in my mind, but re-scripted. I saw myself moving forward with the new perspective and saw an unfolding of many new possibilities. The place of stuck shifted and I felt optimistic, hopeful, possibilities expanded before me! I had many moves available to me to take. Amazing! So simple and yet so profound.

Perhaps you can stand as witness to a place you may feel stuck, or a relationship that feels unhealthy, or a scenario that has gone wrong…what new perspective can you bring to your life? Imagine!

Blessings ~ Lisa

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