Full Appreciation

Oh dear body, how I appreciate you. I honor the ways in which you carry me through my days. I celebrate the gifts you bring to me as I evolve in my human form. I recently tweaked my back. It is simply an old back injury from 30 years ago that surfaces from time to time. I know what needs to be done to restore the balance; rest, strengthening stretches and slow and gentle movements. I can do that. And while I rest I cannot help but recognize and appreciate how tremendous my body is!

It is funny how we tend to forget our gratitude for the basic everyday gifts until they are taken from us. With our body, this happens far too often. And yet we fall into that pattern from time to time.

The simple movements of my body are compromised right now. Stairs, bending to put on my shoes, petting my cat, even sleeping all have become a challenge. It gives me reason to reflect upon how much I appreciate my usual good health, flexibility and strength.

What else do I tend to take for granted? This will be a great day for reflection and appreciation! Some of what comes to mind immediately is the abundance of choices available to me daily, whether it be in what I eat, where I go, who I share my day with, where I shop, what I read or even what I can discuss! Imagine any one of those things being restricted or taken from you. How different life would be!

Why wait for life to tweak something for you to have an enforced day of pause and reflection? Take a moment now. Right here at the end of this blog. What in your life do you tend to take for granted that you truly appreciate and would sorely miss if it were any different? Take a moment to acknowledge your appreciation, to share it with someone and to breathe in gratitude for the many blessings in your life, no matter how big or small.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade