Falling In Love With Possibilities

"Fall in love with the possibilities ahead. Let your hoped for intuitions be true until they are proved wrong."-- David Whyte from The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self & Relationship. We fall in love with many things and people over our lifetimes; life partners, babes in arms, philanthropic missions, or soul-stirring songs. But what about falling in love with the less tangible? Have you fallen in love with your possibilities?

If you believe that anything IS possible, how can you not? Exploring those possibilities brings our passions into play. We can get excited about the impossibilities, we can get heated over the obstacles on our path, we can look beyond the can’ts or shoulds into the cans and the wills! We bring an energy to the proposition, we light fires beneath the potentials, and we breathe life into the callings.

Once we begin this process, our intuitions step forward bringing the lineage of our wisdom and life lessons. It shares with us the hunches and knowings. It awakens the fibers within our soul that are supporting guidelines we use to cross the chasm from unlikely to absolutely. Our intuitions are based only on our recognized insights and spirit's knowing. Those nudges of yes or gentle bracings of hesitations guide us gently down the path of what the next moment holds for us. But they are only as effective as we allow them to be.

If we are not in tune with our intuitions, what do we turn to? Many look to others for answers, but do those answers always fit your life story or do they fit someone else’s? Many stay stuck as they are too fearful or unsure of the steps that lead to all the possibilities. Some are so out of touch with their passions and inner fires that possibilities are challenged in making themselves known.

Do you allow yourself to fall in love with the possibilities? Do you grant yourself permission to dream big? Or do you keep yourself small and in a box, worried that you could become so great, so happy, so large, or so full that you would not know what to do?

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade