Small Steps of Honor

How often do you reflect on what you have to offer to others? For many the act of self-appreciation, putting value on your strengths and offering these up to others is a hard place to become comfortable in. Yet, each of us has been gifted by the Universe, by Spirit, by your Higher Power with a purpose in this lifetime. One purpose does not compare to another and one is not more valuable for we cannot measure or judge what is of more need to those around us. Once we can appreciate this fact we begin to look at our self-worth differently. We begin to recognize that our most effective way of honoring Source is through the understanding of our strengths, our gifts and our talents and sharing them with others or bringing them to our actions daily.

As we move into our comfort of this fact we begin to find grace and ease as we embrace the life designed specifically for us, not trying to duplicate that of another. We appreciate our individual learning style, our unique blessings we have to share, and our special relationship with life; our life, filled with our own powerful experiences, lessons and possibilities.

“Taking the first vulnerable steps into our own experience, no matter how small or hidden at the beginning, opens us to a more generous life, where what we have to give figures as largely as what we receive. We stop trying to draw infinitely from a finite world and begin to learn how little is necessary to live a life that honors the soul of the world” states David Whyte from The Heart Aroused: Poetry & the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America.

Finding fulfillment of body, mind and soul evolves from our opening ourselves up to this fact. We learn that the simple ways are often the richest. We see that less really is more. We understand that our personal path need not be measured by anyone else’s and we are at peace with this as we walk a path of honor.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade