Me and My Shadow

I recently re-read Debbie Ford’s The Dark Side of the Light Chasers for the third time. To say I love this book is an understatement. Each and every time I read it I learn more. I seem to go deeper into the pages, to the words, to the theory and to the process. Debbie Ford teaches us how to understand what the shadow is. She explains that working with shadow allows us to reach the darker side of ourselves where our small self resides. It also allows us to embrace our highest self in all its brilliance. If you wish to be free of shame and blame, if you wish to experience self-love and acceptance, then shadow work is for you. You will need to bring your tool belt with the tools of honesty, compassion and bravery at the ready. You will need to show up and be present. So what is your shadow? Think of the different parts of yourself you often don’t like to own up to. What are the parts of you that you are prone to denying or hiding from others? Those are your shadow sides. If you have ever felt you were lazy, mean spirited, fearful, or selfish…those would be aspects of shadow. Other aspects could be silliness, awkwardness, clumsy or dull. Get the picture?

Until we make peace with our shadow side and accept it, we live a life of battle with our wholeness. We give so much of our power away when we do not have this alignment. We create an inner struggle and we do not fully embrace all of ourselves. According to Ford, “The whole world is a mirror of our own consciousness, and when we make peace with the disowned aspects of ourselves, we make peace with the world.” So take a look at the people and the situations of our life. How are things being mirrored back to you? If you don’t like what you see, then there may be some shadow work that needs to be done.

Debbie Fords shadow work shows a way of embracing the shadow side of ourselves. Instead of running away from shadow or rejecting it, we view our shadows as our teachers. When we open up to the lessons and gifts we then see our hurts and wounds become transformed into wisdom we can take to our life’s path. Our shadow side is not something to be resolved or healed…it is something to dig into, to go deeper and deeper still, harvesting a rich and abundant life! We face what we have feared, love what we have hated and embrace what we have denied. We become fuller and more powerful. It is a process that changes everything.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade