When was the last time you celebrated YOU? Birthday’s don’t count . . . they are ingrained in our society as Hallmark moments filled with butter cream frosted cakes with neon colored candy flowers for decoration! Blechhhh. I am talking about celebrating a rite of passage, an achievement, a release, or a life’s passage. It could be completing a project at work, entering menopause, sticking to an exercise program, becoming a grandmother, or completing a gardening project.

Have you ever thought about honoring yourself with an appropriate celebration that matches the event? What would that celebration look like? Think about what a celebration is for. It is to mark a special occasion. Every time we take the time to honor ourselves we send a message of love, acceptance, respect and appreciation of our authentic self.

Pick something you would like to celebrate. How do you wish to honor yourself. Find the right size celebration. Is it a hot bath, a new CD, a hike on a beautiful day, a cone of ice cream, a manicure, a dinner at your favorite restaurant, a new book, an afternoon of movie watching, or a membership to a new yoga class? Treat yourself and celebrate your Self!

Wait! What? What was that? Was that a voice I heard mumbling about there is no time? Or did it mention something about not being worth the bother? Or did I hear a sarcastic laugh! PLEASE! I am serious here! Where does this voice of discontent and disapproval come from? Does it have a place or time that it was born. Think back to when you learned this lie of you not being worth it. Who told or taught you that? Aren’t you ready to be done with that old storyline!

The best way to blast it out of your life, to rid it from your present and future, is to take it on. Have a grand celebration! With every negative, disempowering thought that enters your mind, stare it down, shout at it, laugh at it, ignore it . . . whatever works for you. Just DO IT! Celebrate you and your special-ness. Honor the significance it brings to your life.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade