A Full Life, A Slower Day

Life has gotten fuller these days, busier and in some ways more complicated. Yet I do not feel overwhelmed or in a state of chaotic energy. I cannot help but think about times in the past when I was busy, but overwhelmed. Life was full and chaotic and I just needed things to sllllllloooooow down. SO what is different this time around. Surely, part of the difference is within me. I know over the past year I have changed greatly in how I am viewing things around me. I stand back and keep a purposeful difference energetically between me and the situation so that I can better assess it and find my truth. It is important to have a place of pause before we step forward into action. It gives us time to pull our wisdom and previous experience out of our back pocket and find what feels right, true and most meaningful for the moment.

So what else has changed? Applying this moment of pause means my decisions are better balanced. It means I have less wasted energy spent throughout my day. It means I have meaningful and enriching relationships with people around me and those are the relationships I nurture, not the unhealthy ones that bleed me dry!

Another thing that has changed is because I am living this way, it is being modeled to those around me and not surprisingly, being mirrored back. We are all each others teacher, so it only makes sense that when someone sees a positive shift in your life, they are going to take a look at what you are doing differently, and perhaps even try it on for size themselves.

So I move through my days a bit more gracefully now, I pause when I need to, I give myself permission to say, “I will have to get back to you on that” when I need to. It has had a very positive impact and I plan to keep going in this direction. There are still places on my daily path that have some stumbling stones I catch myself on from time to time. Now I have the space to work on those.

Life is good when you give yourself the time to notice!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade