Connecting to Source

How do you connect to source? Do you have personal rituals that you use to bring you from the busy-ness of the outer world to the calm and peace filled inner world? I have over the years found that my connections change as I evolve in my spirituality. But there is one constant that has always remained. I find my best connection to source is through my connection with nature. Whenever I step out of doors, my soul begins to resonate. My breathing deepens, my senses awaken, my step becomes lighter and more intentional as I connect to the earth. I find that during those times of confusion, foggy brain, or overwhelm, the best “medicine” I can give myself is a pause and a moment to connect with Mother Earth. Clarity returns, a calm enters my soul, and perspective shifts.

I have no favorite season, as some do. I find delight in the first neon green shoots that begin to show after days of mud forming rain. I am tickled with delight each summer as flowers magically bloom and awaken with the most vibrant colors. I am invigorated by the first frost of autumn and feel the celebration within me as I look back over the year at all the abundance in my life. And there is absolutely nothing more exquisite to me than a walk in freshly fallen snow under the stars and the moon; my soul sings!

I have learned so many of my life lessons from Spirit come through this connection to nature. I have learned to study the animals for their attributes and offerings of insight and how they can be applied to my life. Watching hawk, for example, has taught me that intention and keen vision are imperative to my path in moving forward with integrity. Observing spider has taught me the delicacy of strength from her web building as well as the importance of the energies of connection.

I have also discovered that honoring the plants around me supports my connection as well. Working in a garden, nurturing plants from seedlings to full maturity offers me opportunities to practice perseverance, to be mindful and attentive, to be appreciative of even the smallest bit of growth and to celebrate the harvest of my efforts.

My creativity awakens when I am outdoors. My mind becomes fluid with words and images. My voice longs to break into song. My body finds its grace and rhythm in every movement. My heart beats stronger and resonates to the pulse of the earth.

My spiritual connection is multifaceted and transcends what my everyday brings to me. I cherish this relationship. Much like the ways in which I have learned to respect my body temple, I have learned how to honor my connection with spirit. I do not take it for granted and I make a point of “checking in” daily to make sure that it is being nurtured, celebrated and valued.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade