The Power Behind The Story

We all have stories. We all learned how to use language to deliver the message of our view, our story. Some of us have been told stories that we allow to be incorporated into our personal story, sometimes without knowing whether it is true or not. As humans we are born with the power of creation. We have beautiful creative energies that flow through us. We use them to create life, music, art, love, and sometimes we use them to create messes, mistakes, wounds, or hardship. We also use them to create our stories. What is important to see here is the value of being mindful of how we use these energies.

With our stories, our word needs to be flawless. We have so much knowledge about ourselves, the world, the past and we want to bring that into our future. But we have to be particularly careful that we do not distort this knowledge and that we remain impeccable with it and the energy it exists in.

The real authentic you is beyond anyone you could ever imagine you to be! That is how powerful the energies are that are within you. Your truth is real, your body is real, but the beliefs you hold about yourself are not always real. Sometimes they are distorted as well. Sometimes they are not our own beliefs, they are part of that story we allowed to become part of ours, whether it was true or not. The shaman helps bring the pieces back together that have been pulled from the story. Acting as a bridge to the soul's truth and the distorted or broken story of one's life, they can help support the union the energies of the story.

So, we go back to the need to be impeccable with our words. If our words have the ability to create our story, then should we be sure we speak only the truest words. And in the process of that creation, we should speak of what we really are and really want to breathe life into.

Knowing this, our self-talk then begins to change. We have the power and the knowledge and the creative ability to make a story of truth for ourselves to exist in. No more room for talk that is self-deprecating. No more lies. No more using the power of our words to create a story that works against us.

The shaman knows the power of story. The shaman is the storyteller. The shaman knows that every word creates a symbol, holds magic and is all-powerful. When the story wounds or dis-empowers, the shaman often is called upon to help heal the soul whose creative force has been depleted, blocked or wounded. It is often in the healing of the story and the reintegration of the truth that one returns to their power.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade