Back and Forth

When do you stop looking back? When do you stop trying to find the answers in your past? When do you stop reliving mistakes, missteps, miscommunications and mis-alignments? Or perhaps you are someone who puts all your energies into what will happen tomorrow? You keep putting off in hopes that your situation will improve with the new day. You invest in the future with a commitment to what could happen and who might be involved. When do you stop all this and take a look at now, this moment, who you can be, what you can do, and where you can go? If we choose to spend time looking backwards we will run the risk of what is being offered to us today. Living in the past does only one thing for us. It keeps our focus on the past. It keeps us stuck there. It keeps our energies mired down in events that have long gone by and nothing we bring to them is of any use. The past is a place that if you visit too often or for too long we are running too close in a land of regret.

If we choose to spend too much time looking to the future we lack follow through with what we can do now. We invest our energies into possibilities to the point that we stall what is involving in this moment. The future is a place to visit from time to time to explore for opportunities, make flexible plans or goals, but if we visit too long we are ineffective in our efforts.

If we want to bring ourselves to this world in a positive and powerful position, we must live in the present. Spirit, the Universe, your Higher Power, (whatever your belief is), presents to us continuously opportunities that hold gifts, lessons, possibilities and promise. If we are constantly looking over our shoulder, we most certainly will miss these treasures.

It takes presence of mind and intention to live in the present. It takes commitment to the moment. It is a challenge too, for our society encourages us to live in our past or in the fantasy of tomorrow. That is how advertisers pick at our wallets and how movie directors sell tickets. These are lands that can be fun to visit if done in measured doses. When we overload, just as with too much sun or too many potato chips, we don’t feel too good. Our bodies rebel and complain. In this case our spirits suffer as well. Living in the now gives us the presence of body, mind and spirit to address what we actually have the power and thought and heart to have impact upon.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade