One of the most difficult transitions one makes in their lifetime is from trying to fit in and be part of the group to embracing our unique individuality and becoming more independent. For some it happens in early adulthood with a strident break from the family tribe, often with some drama and emotion attached. (This I know to be true, having lived through it now with four of my five children…and we all survived!) For others it is a more gradual transition that happens over time with various life experiences that urge us on. Regardless of when or how it unfolds, it is a necessary transition. Many times we are afraid of being ourselves. We are afraid of being unique and different and being what the Universe brought to life within us. We are afraid of being individually powerful and even successful. For as long as we possibly can, we make a compromise. We try to live both lives - the dependent tribal life and the independent personal life - as contradictory and opposite as they are. But that compromise keeps us bring being our brightest self. It keeps us small. It does not allow our unique individuality shine out to the world. If you believe you were brought to this moment in time, this place, within this life -time for a reason, then doesn’t it make sense to bring it on! Doesn’t it make sense that whatever perspective, gifts, abilities and unique individuality you own have a purpose? If we do not take those brave steps forward and embrace our individuality and identity we are not only short-changing ourselves but also those who cross our path. As with many transitions, it takes faith, trial and error and effort. Faith – believing you have it in you…your already are a unique personal and have all of these gifts and blessings within. They are waiting for their opportunity to be revealed and shared! Trial and error – because it is new to us, we may not get it right the first time or even the next. It may take some time to find our way, to find what feels right, and to live if authentically. And finally, effort – your individuality will not shine through without changing some of your conforming ways. Sometimes it takes thought and breaking through old patterns and behaviors, but it so worth it.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade