Caring Too Much?

I actually heard someone say the other day that they care too much. Is that even possible? All one needs to do is watch the news one day to see how uncaring some of our society has become. There are students beating students into comas, gunmen wiping out innocent moviegoers, or worse. It has been proven that how children treat animals and peers as they are growing up is a good indicator of how they will treat people as adults. If a child is not taught compassion and kindness they may become the adult who is incapable of feeling or expressing emotions or empathy for others in their lives, whether it be family, friends or community.

So how do we fix things, if we even can fix them. And if we believe we can, does that make us guilty of caring too much? I cannot go through this lifetime turning blind eyes to misbehavior, lack of respect, outright meanness or violence. I step up, I speak up, I try to teach and inform and sometimes I am accepted, but often not.

I started with my own children, rippled out with role modeling within my community and have joined forces with others as we begin the process of balance the rights and wrongs, correcting the unfairness and attempting the create a change in people’s beliefs and behaviors.

They say actions speak louder than words. Do you dare to match your actions with your thoughts about right and wrong. Do your actions match the level of what you believe represents how much you care? If not, why? What is stopping you? Tough questions, I know, but if you don’t ask yourself them…who will?

Living our truth means sometimes doing what feels uncomfortable. Sometimes it means taking a risk. And sometimes it means doing exactly what everyone else would like to do, but aren’t. It comes down to trust, choice and courage. It is not always the most popular stand to take. It is not always the easiest. But it can be the right thing, the most caring thing to do.

Blessings ~ Lisa Meade

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade