Actions Make All The Difference

Have you ever noticed how much people like to talk about what their goals are, what they are envisioning for themselves, or what their intentions are? I think it is wonderful to share this with the world. You know, "Put it out there!" There is a wonderful beauty to creating a full picture, details and all of what you are looking to manifest in your life. But what I have grown to learn is that it can't be all talk. Actions have to match our words! We all nod our heads in agreement when we say, "If you want things to change, you have to do things differently." But do we support the commitment to self and keep the effort in alignment with our longed for result?

As a Spiritual Life Coach I often have clients some to a session looking for ways to have their intentions become their reality. 9 out of 10 times it is all about their actions. I have had clients sat they want to change jobs, careers even, but they have no plan of action. They sometimes aren't even sure what they would like to do next, they are just sure they don't like the job they have now. I also have clients who do have clarity of what their intention is…they would like to live a healthier lifestyle, eat healthier, exercise more regularly, take part in a spiritual practice and more. Yet, after a few short weeks their salads have turned to french fries, the elliptical is now a clothes rack and their daily meditation practice happens only on the full moon.

I know these people really have wonderful intentions and want to make the changes a reality. But somewhere along the line they have lost steam. Their momentum wavers and their old behaviors and patterns kick in.

How does one create long-lasting actions that will make the difference? I always suggest small steps. Taking big leaps often ends with the doom of failure. Too much too soon means too hard to keep up! Smaller steps allows you the time you need to adapt, to adjust, to bring into alignment what you are doing with what you hope for.

It rarely works with the all or nothing approach. For many this is a self sabotaging path. New Year's resolutions smack of this. How many times have you made a big commitment to your self on January 1st that this will be the year of change? How many times do you make it to the end of the month, end of the first week even, before you are rationalizing away, faltering or shaming and guilting yourself.

Take a look at your intentions. How do your daily actions align with what you are aiming for? Be really honest with yourself. What needs to change? Make a list. Now take a look at that list. Do the items on it need to be broken down into smaller and more manageable steps. Remember smaller steps have a better success rate! Start with one small step that you can begin with today, right now and start. Don't wait until tomorrow…now. If it is a small step, then it should not be that big of a deal. That is the point. To make this doable, you need the step to be so approachable that you run out of excuses or rationalizations of why you wouldn't do it. Then once you have completed this first step, acknowledge your efforts, find ways to affirm with your self that you are on your way! Repeat again and again until this step feels comfortable and no longer challenging. Then you move on to the next small step. With time your intentions will be your reality!

© Copyright 2012 Lisa Meade