A Beautiful Messenger

It is summertime and for me that means a little bit of free time to read. Actually, I devour books! I love to read, to explore and to drift off in stories and possibilities. I also love to take in different perspectives presented by authors whose work I appreciate. One book I have already gobbled up this summer and am re-reading once again because it is so full of insight is David Mercier's A Beautiful Medicine. I highly recommend it as it will more than likely change the way you view the mind/body/spirit connection and develop an enormous appreciation of our ability to be healthy and live lives filled with beauty, wonder and strength. Of all the wisdom in this book one particular insight that the author shares that really jumped out to me is how we view symptoms. Mercier states that the symptom is the messenger, the beautiful messenger. We rarely look at our symptoms that way. We complain about the scratchy throat, the achy back, or the throbbing head. Mercier explains how the symptom is actually a friend to be respected, an ally and even a teacher. It is there to guide us toward making healthier and wiser choices. Choices that can lead to a stronger body, a calmer mind and a gentle connection with spirit. When viewed this way, we grow to see that the symptom can broaden our vision of the dance between mind, body and spirit. It encourages us to see that our thoughts and our choices repeatedly impact the state of our body and its ability to thrive and to flourish.

Our bodies are meant to be shining bright with vital forces to bring to the world. Our minds are intended to be sharp and enquiring, filled with wonder and focus. Our spirits take delight in honoring acts, celebrations of the divine and the rippling outward to all beings of the Universe. What gets in the way? Our poor choices more often than not. Most illness comes from these choices.

Without creating a very long discussion on the role of genetics, fate, or accidents…let's face it, what we put into our bodies for food or distraction, how we abuse or neglect our bodies, and how we tend to its needs has a HUGE role in the state of our overall health.

The beauty of Mercier's message, in addition to his insightful explanations of this connection we all have within us, is that he offers a lovely unfolding of how to nurture ourselves in an amazingly simple way, but the power behind this act is massive. According to Mercier, "… science and soul can be eminently good partners. A medicine that is whole and beautiful will include both. In many instances, the real incentive for some patients in seeking professional help may be the need to be touched, seen, heard, known—to remember that I am. The body’s grievances just so happened to get them to the clinic of a solicitous human being who might serve as a de facto lover, father, mother. Or an archetypal one. So a good working hypothesis for the health professions would be that behind every symptom lies an unabridged human drama that’s been percolating for years and then appears at this one sore spot on the body. The symptom looks like an unexpected intruder, but it has lurked behind the scenes for years, fed by stress, unhealthy food, too little sleep, paltry amounts of exercise, and a life skewered by disaffection. As we’ll see, sometimes a knee pain is just a knee pain. Not all symptoms and illnesses are connected to troubles in the soul. But often, and very often, they are."

Connection to our bodies, to one another, to Spirit, to our selves…the key ingredient to health! It all stems from this. See what I mean about it being simple? Not necessarily easy, but certainly not all that complicated!

I encourage you to read Mercier's A Beautiful Medicine I urge you to listen to your body's needs with different ears, view it with a different perspective, try a new way of honoring it, celebrating it, caring for it and believing in its wisdom. I also encourage you to view your symptoms as the beautiful messenger. Hold a new appreciation for its role in your life.

How will you do things differently? What will you change? I would love to hear what your new view will be. Blessings ~ Lisa

© Copyright 2012 Lisa Meade