Coming Full Circle


There is a beauty to be found in the fact that often our lessons in life are cyclical. We are faced with a situation, take what we can from the lesson, what we are ready for and move on. If there is more for us to gain in lesson form, the Universe will present yet another opportunity for us to take away more of the lesson waiting for us. And so it will continue until we are full.

Then there comes the point when we are sure we are ready to move on, the final circle comes around and we see it, we know it, we move through it with grace and all the wisdom we have gained from our lessons. We have become the master of the lesson. It no longer causes us to stretch, to ponder or to react.

When we come full circle and we are complete with the lesson, we recognize the familiar landscape and we recall the times we learned how to maneuver our way around and through this part of our journey. Now we look around us and feel empowered and filled with courage to move on without hesitation. We are ready, we have our tools, our experience to draw upon and our insight from the lessons to guide us. We are now ready to break the pattern, release the habit, step away from the fear and we move onward.

During these times of mastery, I pause to honor the work I have done. I pause and celebrate the growth and the insight I have gained. It is important to reflect and feel the pride, the courage, the joy of learning and mastering and to move forward with satisfaction. The next leg of the journey will surely provide more lessons, but in this moment as I see the circle complete itself, before I step out of it, I pause with satisfaction that I have come this far.

Blessings, Lisa