Do You Know Your Greatness?


We often are able to see others' greatness. It is something we admire, desire, or respect. Greatness is what sets someone apart, makes them special or unique. It can be a strength, a talent, a calling or a passion. Often someone's greatness is something that makes them shine. They have taken a dream or a vision or a goal and have brought it into being.

We all have our greatness. We sometimes do not acknowledge it in ourselves, though. Greatness often awakens or touches something in others. It stirs their soul. It inspires their thoughts. It moves their energies. To recognize your greatness think of the ways that you touch others. Think of the times that your family or friends have commented on something you do that seems to come naturally to you, or something that you are passionate about and feel enormously committed to. This will help lead you to understanding your greatness.

We are all greatness. It is bestowed upon us from the very beginning. How we tap into it, breathe life into it, share it, celebrate it and honor it is our choice. The beauty of our greatness is that the more we share it, the more it ignites the greatness in encourages the best in them and they begin to shine. Embracing our greatness opens our eyes to seeing others' greatness. It jumps out at us.

All of humanity has the potential to embody their greatness. It becomes a choice. Especially once you understand that you ARE greatness. It is a part of you waiting to be honored, recognized, valued and shared. Being your greatness sometimes takes courage, patience or change. But that is often exactly what it inspires in others. Greatness begets greatness. Be a part of the beautiful unfolding.

Blessings, Lisa