To Be Happy


I posted earlier today a Tedx video of a 13 year old boy sharing among many things the answer to the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" He talked about the difference in perspective of a child versus an adult. He talked about living life fully, keeping things in perspective, being present and fully active in his day's energies and ended by saying while he is not quite sure what he wants to DO when he grows up he is certain that he wants to BE happy.

So what keeps us from this state of being happy? What gets in our way, trips us up and boxes us in. Why do we lose the perspective of our inner child instead of bringing it along with us in our life journey the same way we bring along our other characteristics?

To be happy requires less than we think it does. We over complicate it. We place expectations upon what it needs to look like, feel like, and cost us. We dictate when we have time to be happy, who we can be happy with and where we can find happiness.

What if we flung open the door to our happiness. What if we looked for it in the most unexpected places, made room for it in the least obvious relationships and were willing to  take a few risks and chances at creating it? What have we got to lose? We know we have everything to gain.

Our soul seeks happiness, bliss, delight and beauty. It is everywhere around us and if we take down the barriers and open our doors wide to the energies, so that they flow through and around us, the shift happens. Our bad days are not quite as hard, our ill moods not quite as sour, our frustrations not as taxing and we see light where we could only see darkness before. We feel brighter, lighter, stronger, and more alive!

And as an added bonus, this energetic shift spreads quickly. Those around us cannot help but be drawn into the flow of the happiness. Each day holds more smiles, more laughter, more tenderness and care.

Yes, as I grew up I found out what I wanted to Do. But more importantly I found how to Be happy!

Blessings, Lisa

The World's Music


When was the last time you experienced it? You know, that amazing release, the bliss, the perfect harmony that is felt when you step outside and become one with Nature surrounding you. Your body responds in so many ways to the connection. Your soul accepts the invitation with delightful abandon. All your senses begin to seek the natural beauty and essence that calls to them.

The world beckons me in these moments to become engaged and attentive. It is as though my soul has ears. It hears things that I know are there every day, but I don't always notice. It listens with intention and I find myself intoxicated by the symphony that surrounds me.

Step outside and listen. What might you hear? Perhaps the breeze fluttering through the last of autumn's leaves, hanging on in determination before the snow returns. Maybe the hawk's cry as she circles overhead with her keen eyes focused on your pause and the tiny creatures scurrying away from her shadow. Do you hear the gravel crunching beneath your feet as you move your body step by step on your day's journey?

We are creatures of habit, that has been noted by science, philosophers and even our selves. But we are also tremendously creative and inquisitive. Bring these qualities into your day today, step outside, raise your face to the sky, open your soul's ears, be present and relish in the orchestra of wonder that is waiting for your appreciation. Listen closely and you will hear your heart's beat engage in the rhythm, you will hear your soul begin to hum, and you may find your mind remembering a ancient song as it awakens within you.

Nature generously provides and steps up to meet many of our needs. The choice is ours on whether we accept or not. To break old habits begins with one moment of intention. To create new patterns requires us to repeat. With time we find we learn the new dance, step by step, and we are soon able to waltz through our day with the glorious melodies of the world carrying us on!

Blessings, Lisa