Down Time and The Gifts To Be Found


Vacation, rest, pause, or holiday. Each of these words may bring a different image to one's mind. But to the soul they all hold the same energetic vibration; down time! Our soul recognizes that our body and mind is functioning within a world of busy-ness. Sometimes we are just so busy that it hurts! Our soul pokes at us until we cry, "Uncle" and hit the pause button.

Many times I will hear from my clients that they have no time for down time, for "me" time or for any kind of stillness. Yet, they have come to me for support, release, or healing of some kind. Their soul has managed to convince their heart and body that this is a dire need.  It is trying to get the mind on board as well. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. They will try to justify and rationalize. If we want our thoughts to work in our favor we have to entice our mind.

The mind likes to solve problems. Often, the way around this denial of downtime is to ask the brain to come up with creative possibilities for the hidden down time. Entice it to seek the elusive moments throughout the day that can be embraced. We often think that our down time needs to be scheduled, mapped out and of a certain duration. But the truth is a few moments here and there does the world of good.

Moments spent in traffic can create an opportunity for some deep breathing. Standing in line at the grocery store repeat an affirmation or a mantra until it is your turn in line. Waiting on hold on the phone listening to boring music; stretch your body. Folding a load of laundry; check in with your guides or angels.

Bringing connection to the resources that honor and celebrate your soul does not need to be an act of labor. It does not need extensive planning, purchasing of a group pass or even your calendar. It simply needs awareness and creativity.  Entice your beautiful mind into the equation. Allow it to expand with creative ideas and honored as you embrace them.

Blessings, Lisa