What I Found In The Preparation

In just a couple of days the doors to my home will open wide and be ready to embrace. It shall be filled with the laughter of soul sisters. Several women gathering from across the states and Canada to have a few brilliant and rich days together. During this time we will celebrate, we will honor, we will learn and we will explore. There will be releasing and healing. There will be witnessing and allowing. There will be connection and awakening. During the three days time we will share together our souls and combine energies. Our hands will be busy making shamanic tools. Our bellies will be filled with delicious homemade meals of nurture and comfort. Our minds will be delighted as stories are shared. And our bodies will be flowing with vibrant energies.

In these days proceeding our gathering, I am in preparation. There are linens to be collected. Supplies to be laid out. Food to be made. And space to be created. The busy-ness fills my days with delightful anticipation. I love these gatherings. My soul is singing.

Within all this preparation I find myself counting. I count the many blessings these women bring to my life. I count the number of times we have told one another that we simply cannot wait; feeling childlike and giddy with excitement. I count the offerings that I will be sharing, each designed with at least one of the women in mind. I find in the preparations a wondrous caring that fills my soul as I choose the just right plates and bowls for our feasts and as I lay out throws of jewel toned colors for the autumnal chill that is in the air. As I  choose the candles to be lit I think of the light in each of these precious relationships that I share.

Preparing for gatherings, to me, is like a gentle unfolding ritual. I fill each act with gratitude. I plan with anticipation of bringing pleasure and delight. I look for ways to ensure comfort and ease. As I prepare, I listen to my soul as it suggests, guides and reminds me of all the little nuances of each relationship and how to highlight the parts that I cherish the most.

One can get caught up in preparations. It has happened to me in the past, stressing if there will be enough, worrying over the timing, concern for what may not go accordingly. But I have learned that if I prepare with loving intentions then all flows as it should. The tone becomes set, just as the feasting table, with delicious presentations of my love and admiration of all. The "work" becomes acts of loving appreciation. There is little I am not doing with joy and consideration.

How do you prepare for your events and gatherings. What intentions do you bring to the hustle and bustle in the days beforehand? How do you hold the energies in your heart of what you hope for and what you expect? What I have found in the preparations is that there is greatness in the smallest of details and wonder in the gathering and placement. These energies are the ones I choose to embrace. Letting go of any stress or any worries and instead dancing with the energetic flow that radiates from the loving care.

Blessings, Lisa