And the Earth Breathes...

On a recent visit to Colorado I found myself Earth living. I walked among Her rolling hills. I witnessed Her miraculous beauty. I listened as She breathed. And my soul soared.

We find our days often spent behind walls and doors. Many only step outside to go from one building to the next. For some getting out in nature is a rare or special occurrence. For others it is beyond their comfort zone.

For me, being out on the Earth connects me to my inner light. I feel more alive, awake and aware. My senses heighten. My smile broadens. My feet seem to dance beneath me. I become lost in time and space as I take in the  landscape that surrounds me with wonder and awe.

My inner child steps forward and delights in the salamander who has slipped beneath the rock. My spirit beckons me to sit and pause upon the glorious bolder before me and take in the wonder of the clouds drifting above.

It is with ancient voice that my soul speaks to the deer who pauses upon the path before me and looks deep into my eyes before she darts away to feed in the valley below. I don't want the day to end or the wonder to cease.

I look upon the rainbow arching across the sky with such joy, as though it is the first I have ever witnessed. It will never grow old. I will always be an Earth child. In my 50+ years I have carried this trait within me and shared it with family and friends. Apparently it is contagious for I see the cloak of the trappings of being indoors is quickly discarded and the freedom of the call of nature responded to with ease.

Upon the mountaintop I will build my forever home. My neighbors will be Elk, Hawk, Deer and others. Together, each day, we will celebrate the gifts, the wonders and the beauty. I will take on the stewardship of honoring and care taking with tremendous responsibility. I will gaze upon the Aspen groves and listen closely to the mysteries and messages as the Earth breathes.

Blessings, Lisa