How Do You Set The Tone For Your Day?

I have a routine to my morning. It is actually the only part of my day that you will find routine. The rest of the day, I go with the flow. I shift and pivot. I do not hold firm because I want to be open to the possibilities brought my way. But, it is the routine of my morning that sets the tone for my day.

When I wake up each morning I am faced with choices. Actually, these choices began the night before, making sure that I retired early enough to get up a bit early to make time for me, my spiritual practice and for creating a gentle unfolding to my day. I remember the days when I would not listen to my body and stay up later than my body wanted me to so that I got more done. Doing, doing, doing….was not about Being.

Then my mornings were filled with a sluggish beginning, then a rushing and running around to get ready for my day, feeling overwhelmed before it even began. Now my days begin with my body being well rested. I have created time to allow my morning to gently begin with focus. I can set the tone for my day's intentions. I can begin with engaging in my spiritual practice, bringing gratitude to the morning, remembering who I am, not what I have to do. I begin by being reflective and thoughtful.

Just a simple extra half an hour to my morning allows me to check in with my body, mind and soul. I honor my body and its needs. I fill my mind with positive thoughts and great gratitude. I am able to begin my day connecting with Source.

Over time I have added additional time to that half an hour so that I can include other aspects to my routine, but this was of my choosing. It truly was that original extra thirty minutes that brought so much awareness to my awakening body. It gave me the time to gather the necessary energies I would need to face my day. It provide a gentle, unrushed beginning that helped set the tone for the day and impacted the remainder of my choices throughout the day.

People will often tell me that mornings are so challenging for them, but the reality is they have created a routine that is not serving them well. With a few simple tweaks and a bit of shifting and flexibility of choices, they could possibly find that not only their mornings would become more grace filled but their entire day would have a more positive essence to it with the energies they need to get through it with ease. They can set a beautiful tone for their day.

Blessings, Lisa