To Speak One's Truth

Speaking one's truth is not always the easiest thing to do, though we all would like to think it should be. Not everyone is able to speak their truth without expectation of the end result. Speaking our truth does not mean that whomever we are sharing it with needs to agree with us.

That is a big part of the relationship between the speaker and the listener; holding respect to each person's opinion. The stronger we get at being good speakers and listeners the better our communication becomes. The less ego gets in the way and the less our emotions try take over.

Many times speaking our truth can reveal a place we feel vulnerable, or a topic we are passionate for, or a concern that we are stressed over. To have the opportunity to speak one's truth without investment of where the conversation will end up but instead to be heard, witnessed and respected is paramount! We don't always do this.

Many times when we are listening to someone, we are in a thought pattern of thinking about what we will respond back with, how we will influence, what we disagree with or how we can change the opinion of the speaker. We are not actively engaged in listening as they are speaking of their truth, but instead we are invested in how we will respond. Big difference.

To speak one's truth is a beautiful event. It can be transformational. To listen to one speak their truth is an act of respect and an honor. To approach both roles with heart and integrity is important in our communication relationships.

Blessings, Lisa